What’s New in Version 2.31

Released 10/7/2011

Current registered users: This program will install unlocked and not overwrite your previous installation.
For trial users: There is a 15 day trial period, 1100 line limitation per project converted.

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Release 2.31 contains many exciting new features and improvements in accuracy:

New Features:

  • All the reports have been rewritten and are now exportable in over a dozen different formats, including PDF, Word, Excel, CSV, Html, PowerPoint, etc.


  • Late binding is now being detected.  Late binding is supported in VB.Net, but not in C#.


  • Performance improvements – approximately 30% improvement in conversion speed.

Accuracy improvements:

Improvements when converting older, upgraded VB6 -> VB.Net programs:

  • Improved accuracy when converting assignments to function names for return values, common in upgraded VB6 programs.
  • The converter now warns on late binding, which is common in VB6 upgraded projects.
  • Improved accuracy in programs which use COM references, specifically resulting in C# compiler error CS1705 CS1545, and CS1546.

Improvements when converting newer VB.Net projects:

  • Improved conversions of complex With statements.
  • Fixed rare error when converting classes with multiple generic constraints.
  • Fixed bug with complex If statements and implicit line continuation (2010).
  • System.Drawing.Size is now initialized to Size.Empty if initialized to Nothing in VB.Net.
  • Fixed problem when converting complex inheritance scenarios.
  • Corrected rare error in VB2008 projects when converting strings which contained LINQ statements.
  • Many other items fixed or accuracy improved – too numerous to list.

Over 100 new projects added to the test:

  • This release was tested on 5,710 projects, producing over 4 million lines of C# code.  All projects converted without C# compiler errors.


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