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I’ve used your VB.Net to C# Converter product since 2005 and find it to be one of the best software investments I have ever made.

Keep up the good work.

James Betts, Intrust Bank, Wichita, KS
I would like to commend your company on your excellent service. Your turnaround time for responses are so appreciated. We have and will recommend your product and company to any shop dealing with converting VB.net to C#.
Dr. Curtis Mitchell, CRM Solutions Inc., Longwood Florida
We intensively tested 6 products, and VBConversions’ VB.Net to C# Converter had the richest feature set, reporting tools, analysis and recording options. It converted the code at or above the 99.5 % rate, and gave excellent feedback suggestions and reports how where errors did occur, and what to do to fix them.

In short, all things considered, this is absolutely the best tool for the job.

Mike Kelly, Senior Developer, The Select Group
We bought your product today and in just one project it has saved several hours of conversion work.
Eduardo P.
I recently needed to convert about 6000 lines of code. I purchased this converter and I can say that it is a great tool.

Even though I used this tool only once, it was well spent money. Keep up the good work.

Mensud Basic
On my FIRST try with VBConversions, converting a 5000 line piece of vb.net software, it converted the entire project, and WITHOUT ONE SINGLE MANUAL EDIT, the program compiled and ran in C#. It’s the only conversion software worth getting.
Andrew Broughton
Wow, what a product VBConversion’s VB to C# is!!!

21,000 lines of VB is converted and working.
The resultant C# GUI looks exactly like the VB GUI, and it’s passing my built-in regression test, which was also automatically converted.

Thanks for an outstanding product!

Doug Bell, soft-factory.com
I am sure the conversion software is very complicated. It works far better than I thought it would, meaning I didn’t think I could find a software solution that would convert the code as far as yours did. I had 110,000 lines of code and it saved me at least 8 weeks of work doing a manual conversion.
Rod Maupin, Wavepoint Studios

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