What’s New in Version 2.32

Released 2/25/2012

Current registered users: This program will install unlocked and not overwrite your previous installation.
For trial users: There is a 15 day trial period, 1100 line limitation per project converted.

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The main focus on release 2.32 was conversion accuracy, which allowed 580 additional projects to be added to the test suite and convert error free. However, there were also notable features added in usability and configuration.

Feature additions:

Version 2.32 adds the ability to specify the default target directory for the C# projects generated.  This default can be overwritten on a project by project basis.


When converting an individual project, there is now the option of overriding the default target folder.


Version 2.32 adds the ability to choose where linked files are converted or if they should be copied and converted as a non-linked file.  This is the default behavior so converting different VB.Net projects which share a linked file doesn’t overwrite a previously converted and possibly edited file.


Accuracy improvements:

The main focus of version 2.32 is conversion accuracy.  There were dozens of specific conversion issues fixed which allowed for the addition of 580 new sample projects to the VBConversions test suite.  There are too many to list, but some of the accuracy improvements are:

  • Enums and classes contained in interfaces are now converted.  This generally isn’t supported by VB.Net to C# converters.
  • ^= is now converted correctly, which also typically isn’t by other converters.  To show it has a sense of humor, Microsoft gave ^= different meanings in VB.Net and C#. In VB.Net it is exponentiation assignment, in C# it is an exclusive OR assignment.
  • Automatically correcting more late bound code, when it is obvious what the target type is.  Examples are an integer invoking a well known string method or an object variable named “sender” in a generated event handler that is invoking a Control method.
  • Type conversions and casting are much cleaner.
  • Events in site.master files are converted correctly.
  • LINQ conversions are more accurate.
  • Conversions of VB.Net code using Word / Excel interop are more accurate.
  • Fixed problem with relaxed delegates in VB2008 and reference parameter types.
  • Improved complex attribute parsing.
  • Fix project references when referenced project file is in same directory as project being converted.
  • Added support for generic types in Catch expressions.
  • Converts auto-initialized properties correctly (VB2010).
  • Plus many more…

580 new projects added to the test:

  • This release was tested on 6,204 projects, producing almost 5 million lines of C# code.  All projects converted without C# compiler errors.


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