What’s New in Version 3.10

Released 8/30/2014

Current registered users: This program will install unlocked and not overwrite your previous installation.
For trial users: There is a 15 day trial period, 2000 line limitation per project converted.

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Version 3.10 contains a number of improvements, thanks to the detailed feedback and interaction with many customers.

Conversion Improvements:

  • Added support to convert FormatCurrency to string.Format
  • Fixed C# brace formatting error when { is placed on same line as if/else
  • Fixed C# formatting issue when option is checked to remove unnecessary braces
  • Corrected issue converting VB functions (Left, Right, etc.) to .Net equivalents if prefixed with “Strings.”
  • Fixed error of Project Add->New item not displaying templates after conversion in some C# projects.
  • Fixed event handling conversions where they would not be overwritten by the designer
  • Corrected error converting assigning to a default instance, such as FormName = nothing
  • Fixed issues automatically correcting CS0149 and CS0030 C# compiler errors.
  • Fixed conversion of some integer division scenarios, where integer1/integer2 should be converted as (double) integer1/integer2
  • Corrected issue of invalid conversions when converting complex exponentiation scenarios

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