What’s New in Version 3.11

Released 3/7/2015

Current registered users: This program will install unlocked and not overwrite your previous installation.
For trial users: There is a 15 day trial period, 2000 line limitation per project converted.

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Version 3.11 contains a number of improvements, thanks to the detailed feedback and interaction with many customers.


  • Added complete Windows 10 and Visual Studio 2015 support, including new VB multi-line strings.
  • Added support for Yield and Iterator keywords.
  • Added automatic C# compiler error correction for CS1621 – The yield statement cannot be used inside an anonymous method.

Conversion Improvements:

  • Improved automatic C# compiler error correction for CS0246 and CS1061 errors.
  • Fixed conversion issue for Visual Studio 2013 Silverlight projects.
  • Corrected error loading legacy assemblies in Visual Studio 2013 and 2015 projects.
  • Fixed digital signature so warning does not occur upon installation.
  • Corrected issue with With statements and object initializers.
  • Corrected problem with assigning to function name which has an identical named type.
  • Fixed issue with named and positional parameters in function call in complex overloaded scenarios.
  • Corrected error in converting interfaces with over 100 declarations.
  • Fixed error where “ref” wasn’t included when calling a routine with named arguments.
  • Fixed error with attributes on arguments not being converted
  • Corrected problem with concatenated enums.
  • Fixed problem with casts to enums.
  • Fixed error with CLng being converted to int.
  • Corrected problem with temp variables created for ref arguments unnecessarily.
  • Fixed problem of variable initialization moved to constructors not working for variables declared in a #Region.

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