What’s New in Version 3.12

Released 10/17/2015

Current registered users: This program will install side by side with your previous installation and not overwrite it.
For new trial users: There is a 15 day trial period, 2000 line limitation per project converted.

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Version 3.12 contains a number of improvements, thanks to the detailed feedback and interaction with many customers.

This release was intensely focused on improving conversion accuracy, especially with large, complex VB.Net projects.  In particular, projects with complex interface implementations will convert much more accurately to C#.

Conversion Improvements:

  • Greatly improved conversions in complex VB.Net interface scenarios.
  • Improved embedded XML conversions.
  • Improved conversions of projects which use ComponentOne third party controls
  • Added support for C# 2015 exception filters (converts When clauses on Catch statements).
  • Converts stringVar <> “” to !string.isNullOrEmpty(stringVar) for greater accuracy.
  • For null assignments, such as varName = Nothing, convert to appropriate defaults for value types rather than null: 0 for integer, false for boolean, etc.
  • Fixed issue converting auto-implemented readonly properties and property backing fields (supported in VB but not C#)
  • Fixed error converting RaiseEvent statement which requires temp variable to be created.
  • CS1066 errors in VS2010 and above now treated as warnings (optional parameter ignored in context).
  • Corrected conversion problems when a local variable is named “assembly”
  • Fixed conversion of array literals at start of linq expression, such as: If {“a”, “e”, “i”, “o”, “u”}.Any
  • Corrected problem of namespace line being inserted before assembly attributes in #regions.
  • Fixed problem of converting references to a user function named “String”.
  • Corrected VB 2005 issue of referencing properties with “_”, even if private members aren’t defined
  • Significantly improved automatic C# compiler error correction, including compiler errors CS1503, CS1620, CS0161, CS0115, CS0021, CS1995, CS1736, CS0118, CS1750, CS0234, CS0031, CS1061, CS0122, CS1501, CS0103, and CS0051.

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