What’s New in Version 5.00

Released 3/24/2017

Current registered users: This program will install side by side with your previous installation and not overwrite it.
For new trial users: There is a 15 day trial period, 2000 line limitation per project converted.

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Version 5.00 contains a number of improvements, thanks to the detailed feedback and interaction with many customers.

User Interface Improvements:

There is now the ability to import, export option settings and to restore them to default values.


Installation Improvements:

On Windows 10, it no longer prompts to install .Net 3.5.

Conversion Improvements:

  • Visual Studio 2017 is now fully supported, including binary literals and tuples.
  • Changed With variables to use implicitly types variables (var) instead of dynamic.
  • Improved accuracy in string interpolation conversions.
  • Improved conversions of auto-implemented readonly properties.
  • Fixed problem converting project references which specify $(TargetDir) in the output or hint paths.
  • Date constants are now converted as new DateTime(), instead of DateTime.Parse().
  • Warnings are now not issued for Option Strict Off in Reference.vb, an auto-generated file.
  • Improved conversion of VB routines marked as Overloads, without relying on compiler error correction to insert “new” as needed.
  • Explicit types in inline lambda expressions/statements are now output during the conversion.
  • Fixed issue converting lambda statements in inline functions/subs.
  • Improved accuracy in complex typeof conversions.
  • Fixed problem of optional parameter default values not being set correctly.
  • Corrected errors in converting variables named “Left”, which don’t correspond to the built in VB.Net Left function.
  • Simplified conversions of enum references to not use fully qualified names if not necessary.
  • Corrected issue of conversion hanging with xaml projects containing special characters in the path name.
  • Fixed issue of unnecessary parenthesis being issued after variable names, then removed during compiler error correction process.
  • Improved variable resolution to external assembly static methods.
  • Fixed error converting property setters which don’t specify a value variable and also have a visibility specifier.
  • Fixed error converting property getters which have a visibility specifier.
  • Corrected issue converting inline XML, where a class attribute would sometimes be mistaken for XML.
  • Fixed error of Extension attributes sometimes being output in C#.
  • Fixed issue of variables in attributes not being resolved correctly in some circumstances.
  • Fixed problem of constants being referenced in AssemblyInfo not resolving correctly.
  • The VB.Net Split function converts more accurately on the initial conversion, without relying on the compiler error correction feature to fix issues.
  • There is more simplified conversions of Select Case True statements.

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