What’s New in Version 5.06

Released 1/14/2019

Current registered users: This program will install side by side with your previous installation and not overwrite it.
For new users: There is a free version with a 2000 line limitation per project converted.

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Version 5.06 contains a number of improvements, thanks to the detailed feedback and interaction with many customers.

  • Improved ability to convert very large projects without running into memory issues.
  • Added support to automatically fix CS0621, CS0736 compiler errors.
  • Improved conversion of read-only properties which are assigned to outside of a constructor.
  • Improved conversion of read-only properties which implement and interface.
  • Fixed rare error which would occasionally cause the program to hang during conversions.
  • Reduced number of CS0106, CS2016 errors generated.
  • Fixed problem converting LINQ statement inside of an If() function.
  • Improved CS0023, CS0246, CS0161, CS1620, CS0118, CS0103, CS0131 automatic error correction.
  • Improved disambiguation of = as assignment or comparison operators.
  • Improved conversion of complicated With statements.
  • Improved conversion of default properties not named “Item”.
  • Eliminated need for some temporary variables in out parameters.
  • Null checks on RaiseEvent only added if necessary.
  • Fixed error converting Else If statements and array literals
  • Fixed error converting variable declaration lines with a trailing comment ending in Set or Get
  • Simplified conversion of events.
  • Eliminated CS0053 inconsistant accessibility errors when converting delegates and events.
  • Fixed error converting Modules defined as Partial.
  • Corrected issue converted complex Case statements with > or <.

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