What’s New in Version 5.07

Released 7/1/2019

Current registered users: This program will install side by side with your previous installation and not overwrite it.
For new users: There is a free version with a 2000 line limitation per project converted.

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Version 5.07 contains a number of improvements, thanks to the detailed feedback and interaction with many customers.

  • Now with Visual Studio 2019 support!
  • The number of test projects increased from 12k to 15k.  They must all convert without C# compiler errors before each release.
  • To help manage large project groups there is now the ability to apply filters by project status and Visual Studio version.

In the project group screen, click the View menu, then pick the field to filter by.

Choose the values you want displayed.

You can tell a filter is applied by the filter icon in the column header.

  • Improved detection of the Visual Studio version of a VB.Net project.
  • Improved conversions in name overloaded scenarios, with class, variable, arguments, etc. being named the same.
  • Reduced number of duplicate definitions commented out in complex overloading/interface scenarios.
  • Improved disabiguation converting () to () or [].
  • Improved conversions in complex inheritance scenarios.
  • Reduced number of temporary variables created during conversions.
  • Improved conversions in complex for each scenarios.
  • Fixed error converting static local variables within a routine with an separate line attribute.
  • Corrected problem converting elseif lines causing temporary variables to be declared.
  • Improved conversions of parameterized property references defined in an external dll.
  • Corrected error converting RaiseEvent on an event renamed as part of an interface implementation.
  • Improved conversion of events in interfaces.
  • Improved conversion of events. Unnecessary add/remove clauses not output in C#.
  • Fixed error converting a parameterized property named “Value”
  • Fixed runtime issue of adding event handler to variable being assigned null
  • Fixed problem of converter hanging in rare circumstances.
  • Improved conversion of complex conditional constants.
  • Fixed error parsing If() statement with no Then and no space between If and (
  • Fixed issue where the application would sometimes crash opening a project.
  • Fixed problem converting RaiseEvent lines for events with ByRef parameters requiring a temporary variable to be created.
  • Import statements with generic definitions are now converted.
  • Improved conversion logic on poorly formatted upgraded VB6 projects.
  • Improved accuracy of converting exponentiation within built-in conversion functions.
  • Fixed error converting left bit shift operators.
  • Eliminated CS0019 errors being generated due to string comparisons or case statements with string ranges.
  • Improved accuracy of conversions referencing import aliases.
  • Improved type conversions to avoid CS0266, CS0029 compile errors.
  • Added ability to automatically correct CS0738 errors about interface implementations having wrong return type.
  • Improved accuracy of CS0019, CS0021, CS0030, CS0103, CS117, CS118, CS119, CS121, CS0176, CS0234, CS0246, CS0266, CS0571, CS1061, CS0426, CS0839, CS1061, CS1546, CS1620, CS1955 automatic compiler error correction.
  • Reduced the number of C# compiler errors for CS0019, CS0029, CS0037,  CS0103, CS0106, CS0117, CS0119, CS0149, CS0161, CS0173, CS0176, CS0234, CS0246, CS0266, CS0664, CS1002, CS1501, CS1503, CS1525, CS1750.

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