What’s New in Version 3.02

Released 10/27/2012

Current registered users: This program will install unlocked and not overwrite your previous installation.
For trial users: There is a 15 day trial period, 2000 line limitation per project converted.

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The focus of version 3.02 is improved conversion accuracy, and is a minor upgrade to version 3.00

Accuracy improvements:

  • Improved accuracy in converting heavily overloaded routines, such as Console.WriteLine.
  • Generating delegate definitions on lambda expressions assigned to local variables to prevent CS0815 errors.
  • Fixed problem of application crashes when converting Visual Studio 2012 projects.
  • Improved accuracy in converting projects which access databases via ADODB.
  • Fixed conversion error when multi-line lambda is passed as the non-last argument to a routine.
  • Improved accuracy of automatically fixing C# CS0050 compiler errors (inconsistant accessibility), by now recognizing delegate definitions.
  • Corrected problem converting C#ReservedWord.Method, such as break.a()
  • Fixed problem converting module references when the module name is surrounded by brackets.
  • Improved accuracy when automatically fixing C# compiler errors CS0815, CS1593, and CS1503.

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