Visual Studio 2017 was released on Mar 7th, 2017!  It is fully supported by the VBConversions VB.Net to C# Converter.  We’ve been working on 2017 support throughout the pre-release process, and  are happy to releasing VS 2017 support just days after the official Microsoft release.

The two main VB.Net language features included in Visual Studio 2017 are binary literals and tuples.

Binary Literals:

‘Binary literal support, with group separators for readability.
Dim binaryLiteral = &B1001_0011


‘use tuples to form complex collections.
Dim h As New Dictionary(Of (Integer, Integer), String)
h.Add((1, 2), “a”)
Dim i = h((1, 2))

A screenshot of the VB.Net to C# Converter converting a more complete sample (click picture for a more readable view):


Have fun with Visual Studio 2017, and know that it’s fully supported by VBConversions.  If you notice any problems with 2017 features, or any issue with the converter in general, contact us at once.